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January/February 2024

Florida Keys Fishing Report

Lower Keys Fishing Report

Here in the Lower Florida Keys we have been getting some cooler weather and quite a bit of wind lately. While it has limited my days on the water recently cooler winters usually set us up for a good tarpon season.  Fingers crossed for 2024.

    In between cold fronts we have been seeing very consistent bonefishing. Bonefish have been steadily increasing in numbers over recent years and are at a nice average size. We still are not seeing the big fish from before the 2009/2010 cold front but there are more of them around now. With good handling practices these fish will be reaching trophy proportions soon. Florida Keys bonefish are bigger than in many other locations and offer more of a challenge. Their penchant for deeper water and dark bottom sometimes makes spotting them a challenge as well. The quality and number of fish around makes spending a little time on bonefish a good option on most days.

    When we have had cooler weather and wind cudas, sharks and snapper have been the go to. Barracuda are another Florida Keys success story. Their numbers plummeted due to unregulated commercial harvest.  Once regulations were put in place they have made a resounding comeback. They have explosive strikes, blistering runs and often jump. Along with that they can be sight fished on sunny days, you can blind cast if it is cloudy and wind often makes the fishing better. Perfect wintertime gamefish! Snapper have been against the shorelines and in the channels.  They want some structure to hide in. Pilchards and small pinfish are my go to baits but shrimp will work. With shrimp your going to have to work through the smaller fish. If you want the most action with sharks specifically  target them otherwise just keep a heavy rod at the ready. At some point throughout the day it will pay off.

    The jacks, trout and ladyfish have been in short supply lately making the basins lackluster. In some years past they fish better in late winter and spring. I keep checking as they should fire off anytime. Good luck and good fishing.