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    Flats fishing is a highly specialized style of fishing where we "sight fish."  This means we visually spot the fish and then cast to them.  Tarpon, Bonefish, and Permit are the big three of the flats with jacks, cudas, and sharks filling out the targeted species.  This is one of the most challenging yet rewarding types of fishing out there.  We use fly and light spinning tackle when sight fishing the flats. 


    The boat carries 1-2 anglers and it’s a great option for those not wishing to be in rough seas.  I also can take sight seeing and picnic trips to isolated islands in the Great White Heron wildlife refuge.  This boat is catch and release only.

The Grand Slam
    The grand slam is the holy grail of flats fishing in South Florida.  Catching a tarpon, bonefish, and permit in the same day comprises this lofty achievement.  The difficulty and skill level involved in the grand slam gives anglers bragging rights for life.  Tell any serious flats fisherman that you caught a "Florida Keys grand slam" and congratulations are due.

    The Maverick HPX carbon kevlar is my boat of choice for flats fishing here in the Lower Florida Keys.  It offers a smooth and dry ride across choppy water.  A shallow draft and quiet hull allow us to get close to our targets.  The boat is set up for fly and sight fishing for Tarpon, Bonefish, Permit, Barracuda, Sharks and Jacks.  The boat has a removable casting platform cage for angler comfort. We practice catch and release on all Flats trips.

With this style of fishing we cary 1-2 anglers with one person fishing at a time.

Fish of the Flats

The bonefish is one of the most sought after fish of the world.  Prime time is summer and fall but they can be found any time the water is warm.  They are prime fly rod targets.

Permit on fly is one of fishing's greatest accomplishments. They can be caught year round on live crabs. Permit tolerate winters cooler temperatures as well as the summer heat. They are also found on gulf wrecks.

Tarpon! Anglers flock to the Keys March-June to target these kings of the flats.  Look for them to provide quite a show once hooked.  Smaller fish are here year round.

Barracudas are like a musky on steroids. They run fast, strike hard and jump wildly.  A true gamefish. Primary winter targets.

Jacks are cousins of the permit and fight much the same.  They are willing to eat anything they see and fight like like there is no tomorrow. They are usually found during cooler months.

Sharks in shallow water is something the Keys are famous for.  Common species include the bull, blacktip, lemon and bonnet heads.  They are found year round but best in winter.