Offshore fishing, Reef fishing and Gulf of Mexico wreck fishing in the Lower Florida Keys are all great options on days that the weather permits it. The 24 SeaHunter crossover can comfortably accommodate  1-3 anglers on these trips. On days that the seas are too rough we can always switch to another style of fishing.

Reef Fishing-

     We fish the reefs and wrecks for snapper, grouper, amberjack, mackerel and many other species. 

Offshore Fishing-           

    Offshore we target dolphin, tuna, sailfish, cobia and wahoo. Fall through spring is live bait season. During the summer months we spend some time trolling.    

Gulf of Mexico Wrecks-

    There are numerous wrecks dotting the otherwise barren desert of the gulf of mexico.  These wrecks are home to cobia, permit, snapper and huge goliath grouper. These trips are a great option for experienced anglers.

On all trips legal sized fish are yours to keep however Catch and Release practices are a great way to go and whatever you don't want will be released unharmed.


    Fly rods are not just for trout streams and tropical flats. Along with typical flats fishing for bonefish, permit and tarpon Last Cast Charters offers blue water fly fishing in "the last great fly fishing frontier".                            

    Offshore we catch Dolphin in the spring, summer and into the fall. Winter and spring is the time to try for Atlantic Sailfish on fly. During the fall and early winter we have the opportunity to live chum. Chumming draws schools of Blackfin Tuna, mackerel and Bonito which really show their stuff on fly tackle. On the reef we catch Snapper, Grouper, Cero Mackerel and even Kingfish on fly rods.

Offshore Fly Fishing

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Reef and gulf Fish

Mutton snapper are one of the tastiest fish found in Keys waters.  Live bait cut bait and jigs fished over structure will draw strikes from these hard running fish.

Mangrove snapper are found just about everywhere.  They are the panfish of the florida keys.  Try a nighttime trip during the summer.

Yellowtails are a Keys staple.  Found on the reefs and menus throughout the area.  Flag tails are a delicious trophy.

Common grouper species are Black, Gag and Red with a host of others.  These hard fighting fish will do everything they can to get back to the rocks.

Goliath Grouper, once called Jewfish, are the brutes of the gulf.  They reach a maximum size of around 800lbs Every wreck in the gulf will have a few resident goliaths.

Cero Mackerel are fast striking and fast swimming fish.  For maximum enjoyment throw a fly at them.

King Mackerel aka Kingfish or just Kings.  No matter what you call them not much else runs further or faster.

Cobia migrate through the Keys during the spring.  They can also be found on gulf wrecks through most of the summer.

Offshore Fish

Sailfish are one of the oceans fastest fish.  We generally target them on 20lb test line.  They are available November-May with a few in summer.

Swordfish are true sea monsters. Due to long runs we target them during the summer and fall when winds are generally light.  Fishing can be done day and night.

Marlin are a bit of a incidental catch here in the Keys.  We find them offshore during the summer.

Dolphin fish are also known as Mahi-Mahi.  They are fantastic gamefish and taste great.  They pass through during spring and summer.

Wahoo are usually found offshore while trolling for Dolphin Fish. They have razor sharp teeth and are lightning fast swimmers.  The biggest fish are caught after Nov full moon.

Blackfin tuna taste about as good as a fish can. They can be caught any time but Sep-May are top months.  We also catch Skipjack tuna.